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Who is Invited:

All Students and their families



For students to present their experiments and to enjoy other scientific discoveries by fellow students. To come see a variety of hands-on experiments, activities, and demonstrations.


What is Needed:

A love of science and a sense of adventure and curiosity. A desire to discover something new and share discoveries with others.


How to Enter:

Please return Entry Form to Mrs. Bourne by March 29th

Science Fun Night


April 26th, 6-8 pm

Every great scientific discovery started with a question. How does this work? Why does this happen? What would happen if…? Now, students have an opportunity to make their own scientific discovery by asking and answering a question of their own.

This year's Science Fun Night will take place on April 26th in the Green Valley Multi-Purpose Room, Library and classrooms. All students and their families are welcome to attend and be a part of the event. This is your student’s chance to become a scientist; using scientific method to answer a question of their own choosing. They will then present their findings to scientist-reviewers during Science Fun Night. Each participant will receive written feedback, as well as a participation pin.

Four Types of Projects to Choose

  1. Experimental: Ask a question and design an experiment to try to answer it. Record your results carefully so that you can report them accurately. Then explain your answer. If it's not what you expected, think of reasons why it may have turned out the way it did.
  2. Research: Explore a scientific area in detail, and report your findings in an interesting way. You may gather information from books, visiting a location, interviewing experts, searching the Internet, or any other way.
  3. Collection: Do you have the greatest fossil collection in town? Then show us! Display and discuss in detail your specimens. Examples of scientific collections include rocks, shells, fossils, insects, abandoned bird nests etc. The project should include research and detailed scientific information about your collection.
  4. Apparatus: Display some kind of scientific apparatus or instrument and describe its use or function in detail. The project should make clear the importance of its use for science and the general public.

What Your Project Should Include

  • A display board (36" high by 48" wide) to display findings and images from your experiment. This is where viewers will read about your experiment (see picture on right). Display boards can be purchased at any office supply store, or you can get one from the school office for $5.
  • Any materials or tools you may have used during your experiment.
  • There will be no open flames or live animals allowed during Science Fun Night.

Scientific Format

  1. Purpose: What question are you answering? What do you want to learn?
  2. Research: Find out as much about your topic as you can.
  3. Hypothesis: Based on the research you did, predict the answer to your question.
  4. Experiment: Design a test to confirm or disprove you hypothesis.
  5. Observation: Record what happened during the experiment. Use pictures and written observations to record your results.
  6. Conclusion: Was your hypothesis correct? Explain your results.
  7. Question: Does what you found out lead you to another question? What do you want to find out next?

Science Fair Project Board Examples




For other ideas, click here.

Entry Form


What to Expect

Science Fun Night is more than just an opportunity to see a variety of student projects. There will also be different scientific demonstrations and experiments on display, that your students have been involved with over the past year in the science lab.

5th Grade Students

In previous years, it was a requirement for all 5th grade students to participate in the Science Fun Night, however this year that is no longer the case. Because of the new homework policy, no student will be required to design and execute an experiment for this event. With that being said, we still highly encourage any interested student to participate in Science Fun Night.

Non-Discrimination Statement

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