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School Librarian
  Brenda Dvorak, LMC Library Media Coordinator
Welcome to our Library!
Mrs. Dvorak, LMC
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Did you know...?

Reading improves the function of the mind and body! Research shows that in addition to expanding one's vocabulary, comprehension and enhancing brain connectivity, reading also confers a number of health benefits which include lowering blood pressure, reducing insomnia and even creating empathy for others!

To keep our young readers engaged and motivated, it's important to provide them with opportunities to explore a wide array of book selections of varying levels and genres. Our school library, which is run by the talented and amazing Mrs. Dvorak, is the perfect place for your young budding readers to discover a passion and excitement for reading.


Summer ReADING

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how to use the GV library

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links to explore

Literacy Apps



One Minute Reader

Endless Alphabet

Endless Reader

ABC Alphabet Phonics

Bob Books

ABC Lite 

ABC Magic Phonics

Word Wheel: Short Vowels

Little Reader

Spelling Magic

Spelling City

Sight Words

World’s Worst Pet - Vocabulary

Harry Potter Reading Club (grades 3-7)

Bookopolis (grades 1-8)

Reading Racer (Ages 5-8)

Read with Phonzy (best for Early readers)


Homer (ages 2-8)

reading power