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Ms. Maher's Class


Welcome to 5th grade! By working together, we can make this important year both positive and successful!   

These pages will cover many areas of your child’s education throughout the school year.  However, please also check my emails, newsletters and dedicated website for additional information and any changes that may occur. 

In the meantime, I want to take this opportunity to share my teaching philosophy. I believe our classroom should be a place where students feel safe, welcomed, and valued. I strive to create a positive classroom environment and feel it’s important to offer opportunities for cooperative learning.  I have high expectations for my students and expect them to do their best always. I hope to enrich them through academic challenge and foster independence and responsibility. I am also an advocate of a growth mindset, believing that our intelligence is not fixed, but can, as in the words of Sal Khan, “be grown through effort, struggle, and failure”. 

One of the main focuses in 5th grade will be on organization and responsibility. I feel that it is my task to get your child fully prepared to be successful in Middle School next year. It’s very important that each student comes prepared for school everyday. It will be your child’s responsibility to keep an organized backpack, planner, and desk. In my experience, I have found that the most successful students, overall, are those that are organized and show a good deal of personal responsibility.   

I am looking forward to a wonderful and exciting year in fifth-grade with your children.

Lisa Maher

Class Newsletters


I have been teaching at Green Valley Since 1996.  I started as the school's reading specialist.  Over the years I have taught 1st, 2nd and 5th grades. I also created and taught a school-wide music program at Green Valley for two years. I have been a new teacher mentor (BTSA) for seven years. I earned my B.A. in music and elementary education and have a Master's degree in reading, as well as a Reading Specialist credential. In my time away from my classroom I play music (flute/piccolo) in several symphonies in the area. I also have my own quintet "Mistral" and perform in various venues throughout the year. I enjoy spending time with my husband and have three grown children (2 boys and a girl). I am passionate about teaching and love coming to work each day!