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Fun Family Trips to Take Your Kids On

Shellie Wilmott

Hello, Green Valley!

I am thrilled to be the new science teacher at Green Valley Elementary School and to have the opportunity to spend the year with your student.   I have been in education for over 20+ years working in all grade levels as well as being the science coach for Dublin Unified School District. I was drawn to San Ramon Valley Unified School District by its reputation for innovative instructional programs, high academic standards, and wonderful parent support.

I have a husband, Tom, two children, Xavier (16) and Maggie (13), and a cat named Zoey (though she thinks she is a dog).  I love to garden, read, spend time with my family, walk, hike, travel and discover!  

I became an educator to enlighten those I work with to love science, to inspire and because I believe we are all lifetime learners.  I am amazed and in awe of those I interact with daily; my students and peers alike. I think great teaching touches the world in ways I will never know, and yet, I know will change it for the better.

California Science Standards

California Science Textbooks